After a "Tori moment" - I now have a higher quality network and deeper connections over raw quantity.

She will hold the mirror up and, at first, may say some truths you don't want to hear about yourself, but keep an open mind and follow her process because it works.

I would highly recommend Tori for anyone and she has a good filter for bullshit. Anyone searching for further clarity in their career at least reach out to her.

I was able to learn to take the emotion out and set boundaries for the people I manage. I am able to not take on other people's burdens. I don't let thing affect me as much anymore because I don't feel trapped.

I had never worked with a coach before Tori and knew I needed a customized approach to my career. I would leave the sessions feeling lighter, feel taller and that was surprising to me. I overall felt better and showed up for myself.

Working with Tori allowed me to stand in my truth and stand in my honesty... overall, Tori helped me more intentionally show up for myself. I would encourage anyone who feels stuck or complacent, she will help you become the person you truly are.