We're better when we're together...

Here's how it works:

  • 6 Career Strategist Office Hour Sessions

  • 15 Pep Talks & Self-Work Tools 

  • 6 Hot Seat Group Coaching Sessions

  • Game Changer Speakers 

  • Resources: Podcasts, books, & TED Talks

  • Pay It Forward Alumni Community 

This was made for YOU!

  • Ready to show up for yourself

  • Feel fulfilled in your life

  • Leave imposter syndrome behind

  • Take the advice you always hand out to everyone else

  • Trust yourself and start to elevate your career and life

  • Have a higher quality network and create deeper connections

  • Create clarity with what you are doing with your life and career

  • Shift your mindset to approach situations with intention 

  • Become the person you truly know you are

  • Stand in your truth 

  • Be less stressed about work, life, money, and relationships

  • Find your North Star and understand your purpose

  • Make more money

  • Live your best life 

YOUniversity Modules


  • Internal Rub

  • Date Your Career

  • Entry Level Mentality

  • Head Trash

  • Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth


  • Imposter Syndrome is from a Lack of Curiosity & Confidence

  • Chameleons are Confused Game Changers

  • Boundaries, Gut Reactions and Asking Questions

  • Use Big Kid Words

  • People Only Know What You Tell Them


  • Intangible + Transferable = Tangible Results

  • Be Yourself from the Apply Button

  • Get in the Driver's Seat

  • Place Periods Where Question Marks Used to Be

  • Through Sickness and in Health


What's Included:

  • 6 Career Strategist Office Hours

    • Twice a month we will meet for 30-minutes and talk about YOU. 

  • 15 Pep Talks & Self-Work Exercises

    • Each week you will be giving hand crafted self work assignments which will allow you to gain knowledge, wisdom, and information about a variety of aspects that will allow you to become present today for your future to show up. 

  • 6 Hot Seat Group Coaching Sessions

    • You’re not the only one who feels the way you do. We all do. This is where the magic happens. We have an opportunity to take all the work we’ve done connect to a group of like-minded individuals who also have chosen themselves and want to be the change they wish to see in this world. 

  • Game Changer Speakers 

    • If like attracts like then we need to continue to surround ourselves with others that elevate who we are and become our advocates, ambassadors, and champions for the future! Build connections that will serve you for years to come!

  • Access to Exclusive Resources

    • Podcasts, book recommendations, and TED Talk videos… oh my! 

    • Everyone has a different learning style. Receive a customized menu of resources that best fit your path.

  • Pay It Forward Alumni Community

    • People belong in your life for a reason and a season. Recognize that you “don’t even know what you don’t know” and if you just show up in the room and embrace the experience of learning about yourselves you will find your tribe! Build community not just for the now, but for the rest of your life!

YOUniversity Modules:

Within the 12-week cohort experience, the following self work experiences will be explored:


  • Internal Rub:  Understand the difference between the roles we play within our career and personal life. I mean, you are one in the same, so how come we operate like we have two identities?

  • Date Your Career: Careers belong in your life for a reason and a season, is it time to elevate your career standards?

  • Entry Level Mentality: The mindset you had as a newly undergraduate is now hindering versus helping you within your career, understand how to elevate your entry level mindset.

  • Head Trash:  Is the perception you have of yourself serving your life & career reality? My guess is there is work to be done.

  • Talking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth: Have you noticed when you are want something different in your future we easily rely on the past to supply reasoning? You’ll learn how to hear yourself to the point that you will change your thoughts and words to best serve your future.


  • Imposter Syndrome is from a Lack of Curiosity & Confidence:  How come you are so good at giving advice to others yet you don’t take it for yourself?

  • Chameleons are Confused Game Changers: Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. What is the perception you give to others?

  • Boundaries, Gut Reactions & Asking Questions: Trust within yourself is built when you decide to honor your thoughts, articulate them to others, and understand receiving the answer is critical to your future.

  • Use Big Kid Words: Your life is a mirror reflection, do the words you are saying match the reaction you want from others? My guess is not.

  • People Only Know What You Tell Them: Leverage the knowledge, wisdom, and information to elevate your career community of what you want in your future.



  • Intangible + Transferable = Tangible Results: You will plant seeds of significance in the lives of others when you show up in this world as YOU.

  • Be Yourself from the Apply Button: We must be present today for our future to show-up.

  • Get in the Driver Seat: It’s your life, opportunity, and responsibility to decide who, what, and why you choose to navigate your life. Hop into the driver seat, it’s time to move forward!

  • Place Periods Where Question Marks Used to Be: Cheers to you! You are now at a place where you have the tools, thoughts, and resources to thrive.

  • Through Sickness & in Health: You now have the tools, mindset, and knowledge to change the world… get on with your evolved self!

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